The CadTempo Viewer Window - Setting Applications

Selecting the Applications for recording time.

CadTempo Viewer Window - File Types

The Dashboard Panel (Left).

The Options section is where you will set up the various features of CadTempo.

The Applications Tab.

Here you decide what programs you wish to record work as a production application.

The Right Panel.

Displays the applications that are known to the operating system. The Browse button between the panels allows you to select programs that were not detected - a CadTempo icon will be used for display if the program icon can not be found. Add programs for monitoring by highlighting the icon and clicking the double left arrow button.

The Left Panel.

Displays the applications selected for monitoring. CadTempo will be set to detect files opened by Checked programs. Unchecked applications will be considered production applications in the viewer but will not attempt to find an open file. Remove programs from monitoring by highlighting the icon and clicking the double right arrow button.

Apply Changes.

After completing your selection the Apply Changes button will save your settings. CadTempo will automatically detect the new settings within the next 15 seconds. If you neglect to apply the changes you will be prompted to do so when you close the viewer.