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CadTempo 6.6 takes CAD time keeping into a new realm of time tracking, logging, and reporting of the engineering activities of your users. CadTempo 6.6 now gives you additional tools to easily create graphs and charts of your user's engagement with the production applications you rely on to maintain your productivity and gain the advantage over your competition. AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, BricsCAD, Inventor, Revit, SolidWorks, MicroStation, Pro/E, SketchUp, 3ds Max, is a small sampling of CAD software and engineering related applications you can easily record time.

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Record The Drawing History, User Tasks and Activities.

CadTempo automatically records each user that accesses the CAD document and logs the amount of time the user has the document open and the actual time editing the document. A complete history is maintained and the CadTempo viewer conveniently presents the recorded data textually and graphically. Within the viewer you can easily create Excel spreadsheets as well as graphics to include in reports and presentations.

Your drafters no longer need to keep detailed records of what drawing was worked on and for how long, CadTempo will do it for them. CadTempo allows your designers and drafters to focus on design and drafting, not tracking their time. You are relieved of the task of gatherering weekly timesheets and the burden of entering the data into spreadsheets for further evaluation.

Cadalyst Magazine - Highly Recommended. CadTempo was reviewed by Cadalyst Magazine on April 19th. 2012 and was awarded a "Highly Recommended" citation.

Design and Motion blog CadTempo was reviewed on Design and Motion Blog (How to Keep Pace with CadTempo) by Michael Thomas on May 16th. 2016. Michael had this to say: "Overall this is a great product, especially in that it can track time for any application on the system, not just CAD related. I love the fact that it is invisible, but silently tracking time in the background."

CadTempo Screen Shots

CadTempo tracks AutoCAD .dwg files. You can log your time in Inventor files. Revit files are easily recorded. Viewers like DWG Trueview can be monitored. 3ds Max users can record their work effort. CadTempo works with a wide variety of engineereing related programs and file types. Automatic CAD Time Tracking with CadTempo
The CadTempo main window displays all recorded time values in a convenient list view. Click for more information.

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Installing CadTempo For Multiple AutoCAD Users You might also be interested in viewing this CadTempo Blog article for additional preparation considerations.

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